Sensitive Skin Care Products

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Try to find sensitive skin care products that primarily use natural substances. Look for hypoallergenic products when purchasing lotions, moisturizers and cleansing items. Before you put your makeup on make sure you have applied a moisturizer to your face. The moisturizer will help to prevent the cosmetics from clogging your pores.

Protective Barrier for Skin

Choose cosmetics which are water based and try to avoid oil based cosmetics. Normally, skin has a protective barrier consisting of moister binding lipids which are created by your skin cells. This barrier has the effect of keeping moister in your skin and blocking irritating substances from entering. People who have sensitive skin don’t have a properly functioning barrier which can cause dry skin and unwanted redness.

There are a numerous manufactures of sensitive skin care products and look for the products that have been tested by an independent laboratory on humans. Sensitive Science claims their products will assist your skin in fixing its natural barriers which will allow you took keep moister in and irritating substances out. They claim your skin will look smoother and suppler and any redness you have will be reduced.

Their products do not include alcohol, detergents, fragrances and they do not use preservatives that are known to cause problems for people with sensitive skin. Sensitive Science products as well as other sensitive skin products are made with substances such as chamomile, licorice extracts, green tea and other substances which are known to help sooth the skin.

Daily Treatment Plan

A typical daily treatment using sensitive skin care products might begin with a soothing cleanser product applied to a lightly dampened skin surface followed by a thorough rinsing. Next, apply a soothing toner and follow the instructions on the package. The third step in the process is to apply a moisturizer which contains anti-oxidants.

Step four would consist of applying a hydration liquid which helps to provide moisture to your skin and helps keep your skin smooth. Before you go to bed at night apply a soothing cleanser product to remove your makeup while using cotton pads or another soft material and then rinse your face thoroughly. There are numerous sensitive skin care products for you to choose from that can be helpful.

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