Benefits Of Fiber Optic Cables

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Benefits Of Fiber Optics In The Home

Just because the use of fiber optics cables and fiber optics lighting has yet to take over the average home, doesn’t mean the average homeowner is not reaping its rewards. First, the less expensive fiber optics cables means cable, telephone and Internet providers can string thousands of miles of cable for less cost. This translates into less expense that is passed on to the consumer.

The light used to transmit fiber optics signals provides substantial benefits in reception and quality of things like telephone and television. Consumers may be used to crystal clear phone calls and high-definition T.V., but without fiber optics, which provides little to no signal degradation compared to traditional cable, none of these would be possible. Fiber optics receiver transmitter systems also have become increasingly less costly to install, allowing these companies to stretch their fiber optic cables further by using these systems to send signals farther without any degradation.

Pay-per-view movies and high-speed Internet also have benefited from the fiber optics revolution, thanks to their speed-of-light delivery, allowing movies and data to be transmitted instantaneously from provider to consumer with just a click of a remote or mouse. While companies are still working on fiber optic delivery directly into the home, these recent technologies have delivered it to the neighborhood, allowing a clean and pure signal to then be sent to the home via traditional electronic cables.

The Benefits You May Not See Everyday

While cable television and Internet are obvious benefits to the consumer, fiber optics cables also has provided for several breakthroughs in medical and engineering imaging. Laparoscopic surgery and imaging was a direct result of developments in fiber optics technology, allowing surgeons to use the tiny, hair-like cables to peer into the human body and detect any abnormalities. This technology also allows doctors to transmit their findings to other doctors around the world, ensuring illnesses are correctly diagnosed and the best treatment is determined.

Fiber optic cables also are used in engineering applications, to inspect millions of working parts crucial on some of today’s most complex machines, such as airplanes and power generation equipment. Plumbers now routinely employ it to find leaks or blockages as well.

So, whether it’s a movie on a Saturday night, downloading your favorite song off the Internet, finding the best treatment for an illness or simply clearing a clogged drain; fiber optics has had a tremendous impact on the average consumer, whether they realize it or not.

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The Benefits of Fiber Optics Cables

No one could have foreseen the Internet or digital cable when people first began experimenting with and utilizing fiber optics technology, but without fiber optics cables, advancements like the Internet, pay-per-view movies and breakthroughs in medical imaging may never have been possible.Fiber optics cables provides a host of benefits to the average consumer that many may not even realize.

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31 March, 2008

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