The Fiber Optics Office

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With costs low and installation becoming simpler, even the home office can benefit from the use of fiber optics and fiber optics cable to increase efficiency, reliability and cut down not only on risks of disaster, but costs as well.

The Fiber Office

Perhaps one of the greatest applications today for fiber optics is in the office. What used to be tangled messes of large, industrial strength copper wiring transmitting inefficient and intermittent streams of distorted data has since been replaced by the efficiency, cleanliness and relatively low-cost of fiber optics.

The Local Area Network (LAN), which connects computers, telephone and other systems throughout an office building is now driven by fiber optics cable options. Fiber optics receiver transmitter systems have replaced huge switchboards and giant cabling units, and, at the same time, the quality and speed at which the data is transmitted has increased.

Through strands of glass, no larger than a human hair, fiber optics transmits information using beams of light and lasers. By using light, there is little to no signal degradation as the beams of information travel through the fiber optics cable. Office complexes, which rely on highly interconnected workforces, the sending and receiving of e-mail, connected phone and fax lines, etc. have seen substantial increases in efficiencies as a result. Another benefit of this system is the absence of electricity throughout the cable. No sparks means no fires and one fiber optics cable can transmit more information than an industrial sized copper cabling, saving space and the potential for fire.

Not only can fiber optic cables transmit information, but many companies also use fiber optic lighting to illuminate areas in offices or something as seemingly simple as an outdoor sign or advertisement.

Applying Fiber Optics In The Home Office

With costs becoming lower and the technology more readily adaptable in the home, applying fiber optics technology in the home is easier than ever. Setting up your own LAN using a fiber optics cable is simple, and obviously, hi-speed Internet providers are already beaming some form of fiber optic-driven data into your home.

Cikenz - How To, Tips - Web Resources

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