How To Make Sure The Natural Skin Care Product

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Honestly, what difference can it make if you use a man-made skin care product or one that’s touted as “natural”? Believe it or not, it does make a difference to your health, usually seen over the long term and reflected in your skin.

It’s A Skin Lotion – No, It’s An Engine Lubricant!

Many man made ingredients in modern skin care products are loaded with chemicals that, over time, really irritate the skin. There is also some worry about what these chemicals can do to your body, since they are absorbed into the skin. For example, one of these ingredients is called sodium laurel sulfate. You’ll see it in a lot of shampoos, body lotions and foaming cleansers – and also in machine lubricants. Ouch.

Seeing The Difference

Many not-so-natural skin care products still contain some natural ingredients, but only about 20% - 80%. If you are looking for 100% all natural skin care products, then you need to get your reading glasses on and read those ingredients labels. Unnatural ingredients usually have jawbreaker names that take up nearly a while line on the ingredients list. Natural ingredients include essential oils, minerals, water and fruit extracts. Things like shea cocoa butter are also natural. If you are not sure of an ingredient, then ask the company for more information or look up to see what the product is.

If you are looking for organic natural skin care products, then you need to see that the product is certified organic by the FDA (if you live in America). Many countries now have national standard setting organizations, such as China and the European Union. Anything considered organic by the French group IFOAM (International Federation Of Agricultural Methods) is a plus; these standards are considered stricter than the FDA’s.

When In Doubt, Make Your Own

If you are getting a headache from figuring out what goes on your skin and what shouldn’t, you can always make your own natural skin care products. There are many easy to use aromatherapy and natural skin care recipe books, magazines and websites. You will use things like water, honey, arrowroot powder, lemon juice, herbal teas and essential oils.

Beware for the crap skin care product and remember – no natural skin care product will help your skin if you are not exercising regularly and eating a sensible, low-protein, balanced diet. Bye!

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