What Is Organic Skin Care

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Organic skin care doesn’t mean you can use only twigs and dirt to take care of your skin. It’s a little more complicated than that. Organic skin care refers to far more than just the products that go on your skin.

The Products

The organic skin care products you buy should include ingredients from herbs, botanicals, foods and other natural sources. Their carrier agents are from other naturally occurring ingredients, such as water, honey and natural soap. The materials used in the product should be all made free from pesticides, artificial fertilizers and any man-made synthesized materials. There is not to be any genetically modified material in it, either.

More and more, anything certified organic means it has not been tested on animals. These tests are useless medically and considered a wasteful and outdated form of testing by many in the scientific community. Some products proudly carry a “leaping bunny” label as being a neon sign that they do not test on animals. (Just having the words “cruelty free” does not mean they have stopped testing on animals). In case you are not sure if a company still tests on animals, just ask People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Who Says?

Just because a cream, lotion or soap has the word “organic” in one form or another on it, doesn’t mean that it’s certified organic. Who certifies this? So far, there is not an international organization that sets the standards, although France’s International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) is close. Usually, each country has its own organic standards. For example, in America, rules for organic standards are set by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), which follows the National Organic Program.

The FDA makes it clear that just because organic skin care products are organic, doesn’t mean they work any better than conventional skin care products. However, isn’t it good knowing that what you by and smooth all over yourself can lessen mankind’s harm on this planet? Well, it feels good for some of us, anyway! If you are not entirely sure about how organic your organic skin care products are, you need to contact the company. They usually have websites and post their ingredients list online.

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